Riverside County Family Law Attorney

Riverside County family law attorney Richard Cookson will give your case truly individualized attention. You will never be out of the loop when Cookson is working for you. He will sit with you and discuss your wishes and needs, then take a full accounting of your circumstances so that he can create an effective legal strategy. He will keep the lines of communication open, letting you know what is going on every step of the way. If you need him, call him. If you can’t reach him, you can be certain you will hear from him as soon as he is able.

Richard Cookson can help you with a variety of issues in the practice of family law. He will bring his 28 years of experience as a practicing attorney to work for your best interests.

Divorce & Separation

Richard Cookson understands how volatile, stressful and even frightening a divorce can be. He will seek to reduce your concerns by giving you a thorough review of your options before moving forward. What is the cause of the breakdown of your relationship? Is there room for reconciliation? These factors may help you decide which path to take, separation or divorce. There may be other factors that will influence your decision. Richard Cookson can help you sort them out in consultation.

Child Custody & Visitation

If you are like most parents moving towards a divorce or separation, not seeing your children daily is the one thing you dread the most. Richard Cookson can help you and your spouse resolve parental issues and work out an agreement, as California law favors joint custody when there is an agreement. If you and your spouse cannot agree, Richard Cookson will assess your situation and attempt to reach a custody and visitation agreement that is in the best interest of the child.

Child Support & Spousal Support

Like child custody, the matter of spousal support – who pays and how much – can be a contentious matter if you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement. Family lawyer Richard Cookson will give you an idea of what factors the judge will take into account when addressing support matters. He will also explain the long-term financial ramifications of any potential agreement or judge’s decision.

Riverside County Family Law Attorney

Family law matters are usually best handled outside of a courtroom. Richard Cookson may handle arbitration, mediation agreements. However, his reputation as an aggressive litigator may help if negotiations go badly.

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